PARADIES (‘paradise’)

PARADIES (‘paradise’)

Paradise – that is the Garden of Eden, the symbol of abundance, sweet temptations and delight. This GLANZ UND GLORIA BY Beatrice Müller® collection really takes the promising concept of paradise to heart, and borrows compositions from the rich treasures of nature.

The apple serves as a source of inspiration, just as Adam and Eve could not resist to indulge in its flavour. As a result, they were expelled from paradise - which makes the apple a symbol of love, fertility and life, but also of transience. Hence, an apple in gold lends itself perfectly as an allegory of power and of the supper of the Gods - in order to reach eternal youth.

For her PARADIES collection, Beatrice Müller created apple rings, apple pendants, apple earrings and apple brooches. Gold and platinum, set with brilliants, served as the ideal material to make the paradise come to live in a detailed, playful, sassy or also rather present way.

Breite: 26,0 mm Höhe: 23,0 mm Materialien: 750 Gold, 950 Platin Farben: gelb, rot, weiß, platinweiß