Let us briefly introduce our most significant collections:

In her GLANZ UND GLORIA by Beatrice Müller® collections, Beatrice picks up on everyday life situations and feelings. Jewelry is considered a means of communication between the jewelry wearer and the viewer. What is YOUR personal message?

Lavishness and grandeur, subtle messages, fine humour and soothing emotions – this blend of ingredients make up the essence of GLANZ UND GLORIA. The jewelry creations, whose messages are manifested in flattering shapes, are made from the most exquisite metals and most superb stones.

GLANZ UND GLORIA by Beatrice Müller® creations are dreamcatchers, trendsetters and impulse generators – all in one. They are cornucopias of luck and messengers of force as well as power. In the process of creating, the designer likes to tap for inspiration from the element of water and the myths around it. Water unites silence and movement, gentleness and force – quite uniquely. Water can carry something, can lie still, deep down in a mysterious depth or it can drive something forward with an unleashed power. All these aspects are reflected in the shapes of GLANZ UND GLORIA by Beatrice Müller® jewelry.

Carefully selected materials impart an inimitable character to rings, jewel necklaces, earrings, bracelets and timepieces: A rich yellow or pink gold as well as an eternal platinum is combined with jewels and complemented with wonderful pearls. This jewelry is like a seducer that conjures a caleidoscope of colours onto the skin of the lucky jewelry wearer.