Wedding and engagement rings


When partner rings turn into wedding rings, wonderful traces of a growing relationship take shape. Visibly coined into the rings’ surface, these traces will have a lively or subtle character of their own. But they always will be like a trademark to the viewer. Signs of time, traces, memories, experienced past moments and a promising outlook on the future become one unity.

‘Uns gibt’s schon länger’ GLANZ UND GLORIA by Beatrice Müller® wedding rings feature a clear profile and a flat band with plenty of space where the traces of two people are welcome to appear in the course of time.

The worn-off surface screams loudly: “Our relationship has grown!“ Just like milestones that mark little and big events of everyday life, brilliants in various sizes can be set on the female ring. White or brown shades are available – just following your very own vision.

This ring theme comes in a rectangular profile with various width options. It is a clear and timeless partner ring that might turn into a wedding ring later on.

Impression (‘impression, imprint’)
Wedding rings with fingerprints
Leave a lasting impression, as impression is like a physical imprint that is left behind. This is an unconventional pair of rings with the female version carrying a fingerprint of the loved one, plated in gold. This way, feelings take shape.

This ring allows you to bring along a visible and very unique part of your partner, always. In which way this fact can be interpreted, remains open to any viewer.

The Impression partner or wedding ring allows for an unprecedent personal touch. Only the sky is the limit for potential comination opportunities: he can have her fingerprint, and she can carry his. Maybe, only one partner decides in favour of keeping the other half’s fingerprint close. This is totally up to the preferences of you two.

WONNE (‘delight’)
“Wonne“ is a wedding ring theme that is just different: Full of volume perfectly rounded rings come with a flawless surface finish: Select your high-gloss or velvety matt polish.

Will your choice reveal the character of the ring wearer? “Wonne“ are flatterers in two available width options. These rings symbolize material as their weight can clearly be felt. This is a just wonderful wedding ring theme, that reveals the joy of life and passion of the love bond between two people. This way a special connection takes shape in quite an impressive way.

Rough edges and flaws stand for a character – just like in real life.

Material: 750 gold, 950 platinum
Colours: yellow, pink, white, platinum-white