180 GRAD® (‘180 degrees’)

180 GRAD® (‘180 degrees’)

The double signet ring.

180-degree turns mark a breakout of everything you have known, and a fresh new start.

The double signet symbolises the changes, a jewelry owner is going through throughout life. The proactive decision to make a change and the turn of your hand, either way, is just the beginning. It shows the different paths that can be chosen. The signet itself stands for the go-ahead for embarking on new ways.

At the same time, the 180 GRAD® signet ring incorporates power, that one has over one’s own life. Like a captain we can sail along with dignity, and face ourselves.

By the conscious decision to do without the typical signet stone, the focus is drawn even more towards the art of goldsmithing and filigree craftsmanship.

Material: 750 gold, 950 platinum
Colours: yellow, pink, white, platinum-white
Signet: CROWN, 180 GRAD
Personalized signets optional